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xocai activ

Xocai Activ: A Healthy Chocolate Beverage For An Active Lifestyle

Organic Wheatgrass Sprouting Seed

organic wheatgrass sprouting seed
"I can feed these to my parakeet?

Hi:) I'm trying to make my diet better parakeets. Today we eat a variety of seeds (not triune, etc) and fruits and vegetables every day, plus she is bad i am giving her milk thistle and lactulose and wheat grass .. What I know is this: If I'm making my own mix of trying to germinate seeds or seeds for it, what is the best seed brands? I bought old sesame seeds and flax seeds I also bought and mung bean flakes Aduki I Barlet and organic oatmeal. If any of these can be and how they eat? What I can germinate (obviously not things like oatmeal, etc!), but anyone have any advice? I spent £ 800 on my parakeet in the last month, has been sick and has a liver enlrged up the point that rubs its belly is swollen and she is on antibiotics. I love to pieces and always fed him vegetables and fruits and do the best I know .. She is two and three and is not bound with egg, I can give you an egg? thanks!

The diet is breast-feeding, or want to feed, appears to be mostly seeds. A diet rich in seeds, especially oil seeds such as flaxseed, often lead to fatty liver disease. And they say that the liver of the bird is having problems, I would suggest that you get totally out of the seeds as soon as possible. Take a diet with pellets and grains, along with fruits and vegetables. I suggest you visit DrsFosterSmith.com to find a good pelleted feed. Meanwhile you can give the oats, or (better) whole oats in a farm supply store. Notes beans and chicken medicine Boot also could be found to be good for the bird. You can also give Cheerios breakfast cereal that is low in sugar and whole grains. boiled eggs would well, or scrambled eggs (crushed shells and all), as well as cooked pasta or cooked rice. Popcorn is good. Do some research on the Internet for information on fatty liver disease good luck ..

growing organic barley grass for drinking

Food Diary

food diary
Does anyone know of a food diary online free website to help count calories and display nutrition information?

A friend of mine net daily use my i-phone, but for use online and make it work properly is a monthly fee. I'm trying to find something I can write a diary I ate and how much we worked to see my calorie count for the day. In addition, the paper uses network analysis of what you eat and helps to teach different nutritional facts.

Yes! www.sparkpeople.com is impressive in the end, resources and tools.

Managing a Healthy Diet : How to Make a Food Diary

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