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7 Tips to lose weight fast and free at home

When you want to lose weight fast and free, no need to join a gym or buy equipment expensive. To lose weight quickly at home, a diet and exercise plan that emphasizes exercise will get results faster and more durable. Find how to lose weight is a challenge for many of us, especially considering that the quickest way to lose weight is different for everyone. Let's find easy answers to the question "how to lose weight fast?

1. Eliminate junk food from your diet. Give up the chips, sausages, pastries, frozen foods, white bread and candy bars. Eat more nutritious foods such as chicken breasts, lean beef, eggs, low fat dairy, fish, whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables.

2. Log diet and exercise to control weight in the home loss progress. In his account, keep a detailed list of foods, including amounts. In addition to daily training log, taking into account the amount of exercise you do, and also how you feel during training.

3. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits such as high-fiber diet can help you lose weight quickly. Includes lean cuts of meat in their diet. In addition, the liquid diet can also help you lose weight quickly. Eat healthy foods and fresh, and whole grain products. For example, whole grains, breads, healthy, nonfat yogurt, etc.

4. Choose foods that you like. Learn to prepare healthy, low-calorie taste reviewing healthy cookbooks for new recipes. Eating well need not mean eating boring.

5. Drink water instead of high calorie drinks. Give up soda, sweet tea, lemonade, fruit drinks and beer processed. All these drinks contain calories and can keep you from losing weight. Drink water and between meals to fill your belly and stay hydrated. The Institute of Medicine recommends that women receive about 2.7 liters of water a day and men about of 3.7 liters per day. This comes to about 90 ounces and 120 ounces a day. This is one of the best href = "http://10naturalweightloss.com/" natural loss weight>.

6. Aerobic exercise 6 days a week to burn calories and fat. Aerobic exercise is any strenuous activity that increases the heart rate of its target rate for 20 minutes or more. Walking, jogging, jumping rope, or doing aerobics or dance along with a video, are exercises you can do at home or in your neighborhood, on your own schedule. These are also relatively inexpensive.

7. Eat small, frequent meals. In this way, your body starts increase your metabolism so you burn calories faster. In addition, mini-meals can prevent overeating.

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Author is an online researcher on natural weight loss. Nutritionist. Click read more on natural weight loss, how to loss weight fast at home.

Free Workout Logs

Acid Reflux Alkaline Foods

acid reflux alkaline foods
How to control heartburn? And what is the natural alternative?

I've been facing a lot of heartburn in these days I do not know what to eat more because I have another fear I experience acid reflux, so I want to know which foods are alkaline? (Some people say lemon is alkaline, but is full of citric acid! Which is rather contradictory), what is the natural alternative to this situation rather than taking no prescription anti-acids, it appears not to work, and what works for fast relief of Hyperacidity? Thank You

So, what is the first application in the treatment of heartburn? Try to avoid, first, and therefore, a change in eating habits is a good place to start. Many foods have a reputation for causing heartburn, including onions, garlic, food, hot and spicy, fatty or greasy foods, fried foods and highly acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus. Chocolate and coffee are also common culprits. In addition, the way you eat is sometimes as important as what you eat. People who eat particularly fast, setting after a big meal or just eating too much, are often more prone to heartburn. When you eat too much too fast without proper chewing, stomach should produce more acid to digest food, creating problems for you in the future. Therefore, besides paying attention to the types of foods you eat, and prevent the acid trip, must also be aware of portion sizes and how fast to eat. If you start to feel heartburn coming on, one of the first things you should do is drink water. F. Batmanghelidj in "Water for Health Cure," writes the heartburn that really starts just as a "thirst pain" – a shortage of water in the body. Batmanghelidj suggests that pain treatment with water instead of drugs. Finally signal, it is important take into account not only the choice of foods that can contribute to heartburn. Stress can also be a factor, and any prescription or medication counter you use. This may surprise some people, but the drugs you take can lead to indigestion and heartburn. Aspirin, for example, been shown to contribute to heartburn when taken in high doses, such as ibuprofen. Anti-inflammatory drugs often cause heartburn as well as problems more serious, such as sudden death from gastric hemorrhage. Blocking certain calcium-channel drugs, asthma drugs, beta-blockers, medicines used to lower blood pressure and anticholinergics are used to treat Parkinson's disease can also cause heartburn, such as birth control pills diazepam, nicotine, nitroglycerin, provera progesterone and theophylline. With the number of people who eat a poor diet and taking several prescription drugs in this country, it is not surprising, according to statistics provided by Drs. Marc R. and Michael R. Rose in "save your sight," that more than half of all older people the experience heartburn once a month 40., according to Drs. Marc R. and R. Michael Rose to save her sight. If you often suffer from heartburn, it may be time to reevaluate what is in your diet or what is in your medicine cabinet. Talk to your doctor about how you can reduce your risk by changing your lifestyle. Experts speak of heartburn

Apple Cider Vinegar Cure Acid Reflux / Heartburn GERD

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