Acidic Water

acidic water
What makes the water acidic?

How to become acidic water, and components such as magnesium, lead, etc. contrtibute chlorine in it for acidity of water?

Water becomes acidic if the protons are allowed to roam freely. Chlorine and right-wing elements in the periodic table that the acidic water. I do not do anything leading to the acidity of water, except that the acid is filtered lead. The magnesium and calcium and metals on the left side clean up the protons and reduce acidity.

Acidic Water Benefits and Applications Part 1

Wheatgrass Juice Information

wheatgrass juice information
What's missing from this item? Http: / /

Is there any other information about the wheat grass juice to be included?

whether to use hard wheat berries or soft, lasting just over a week, and the like, many are is vile (like me), but some drink down like candy.

WHEATGRASS, THE MIRACLE SUPERFOOD + How to Make Wheat Grass Juice !! 😉

Alternative Health

alternative health
Favorite Alternative Health and Nutrition Web sites?

What is the best place to get the latest information on alternative nutrition?

I feel the best without exception is also a little in the Shirley Service also being a friend and I are starting a new site Links to some of the works in the best healer

War Against Alternative Health Care & Nutrition

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