Alkaline Foods Diet

alkaline foods diet
Why increase the chances of conceiving a girl if you eat fatty foods?

Like seriously, just to eat fatty foods or go on a diet of fatty foods like hell that makes the X sperm from fertilizing the egg? this is true by the way … just want to know how and why work? only by consuming acidic foods,: s the same for alkaline sperm LAUNCHcast ?? Maybe change the environment for the sperm can live X and swim better and longer ???????

it's all about the environment and the level of pH, the lower the pH level higher chance for a girl … It is certainly not a guarantee but hey it never hurts to try …. I searched Google for you hun ….. What to eat to have a baby? It sounds far-fetched, Right? The foods you eat the last instance, can help determine if you conceive a girl or boy. As crazy as it sounds, the food you eat may actually have an effect on how long the child conception. The fact is that the foods you eat can alter the pH of your body, and a woman who is trying to conceive a girl can help tip the balance in favor of doing just that by reducing the pH of the body (specifically the vaginal pH at the time of conception) increasingly acidic. The reasoning behind this lies in the difference in the man's sperm. (Men 's sperm is what determines the sex of the baby at conception.) The sperm that will create a girl has the X) chromosome (and sperm to create a baby boy carries the year) chromosome (. Although not very scientific, I will these different sperm and the sperm girl and boy sperm (for the sake of simplicity.) Physically sperm two differ in the fact that sperm child is smaller, faster and weak (it tends to die out faster.) Sperm girl is of course the bigger, slow, and stronger of the two. Given these differences, keeping your vaginal reproductive system more on the acid side, you can create an environment for sperm child is very difficult to survive. This leaves only the girl sperm to fertilize an egg left leading to the girl you want. So eat Foods that are acidic and avoid foods that are alkaline.Also you need to eat foods rich in calcium and magnesium, and avoid foods high in potassium. Food eat when you want a girl pulses calcium-rich foods such as dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese) and magnesium (beans, green leafy vegetables) and food very acidic, and some fruits (plums, prunes, cranberries), and corn, meat, fish and whole grains.) Foods to avoid if you want a Man: Alcohol and caffeine (coffee and chocolate) some potassium-rich foods such as bananas, most vegetables, orange juice (yes, it is not as acidic as you may have thought) potatoes, spinach, and watermelon.

Transitioning Your Diet To Alkaline Foods

Exercise Logs

exercise logs

Accountability is a bigger problem for most people. Keeping track of physical fitness is a difficult task for some people, who may exercises and other exercises for many hours but does not show much interest in maintaining fitness log. Fitness logs are very important to know where in the fitness program and reveals areas that need more focus.

You can keep track of fitness in documents in their personal computer or online – some websites that do such characteristics. Just log your workouts and other physical exercises is not enough; should monitor and review it regularly. If you add online training log, it would be very useful for other members too. If you are perfect in exercises and maintenance of their records, their records can encourage their peers. If you feel that you are good in their training, please look at the records of their colleagues who perform well.

Maintaining the physical condition record will help you find physical activities that best suit your style, and also helps you plan your week of fitness. If you practice to enter the records can not skip your workouts in a day, you can be more regular. You exercise faithfully every day. You may feel they have a better emotional state of mind, because the stress is released during exercise. Mentally, maintenance registration will give you a sense of security knowing that they can achieve long-term goal with simple steps.

Many websites will offer a comprehensive directory physical fitness records and planners. Some of these records are available free, but some are extra. You can find many exercises to print records in multiple sites. Motivation is one of the records that are designed to help monitor your progress in your personal training program. This helps you select body parts that focus on which exercises to use, and time to do them. Records line can cost between $ 5 and $ 20. There are separate records are available for different workouts. In addition, it varies between men and women. These records will serve as a diary of how well they achieve their training and other exercises physical. In practice this, you can determine your goals before starting your fitness program.

If you believe you have reached your goals for the whole modified fitness, keep continuing the registration of all training that gives a more accurate figure of its progress. When you look to improve, must work harder or more than otherwise. You should continue this physical fitness training and registration, as it helps your training, and that can only be achieved with the help of this record.

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Gene Rodgers – Exercise Planning and Food Logs

Food And Exercise Diary

food and exercise diary

Keep Yourself honest with a food diary

A great tool for dieting is keeping a personal food diary. If you are just starting on a diet, or struggling to stay in one, the addition of a daily food plan is an excellent way to stay on track. There is something in search of food intake in writing undisputed that helps you control your bad food habits. Keep a food diary will show you exactly how much you're eating, as well as documenting types of foods that make up the bulk of their diet. Some people find it helpful to keep a food diary for a week or so before starting a diet so they can focus better problem areas. Understand your weaknesses and preparing to fight problems of the diet is an important step in maintaining a healthy relationship with food.

Starting a food diary
There are no fixed rules about keeping a food diary. The important thing to remember is to write down everything you eat. Apparently, no one but you will see what is written in your food diary, so the omission snacks or other foods means that you only lie to yourself. If are serious about losing weight, it is very important that you understand exactly how the calories up to the amount of calories you burn during exercise. Drinks and water will also be included. Just know that you have committed to write every bit of food we eat is a great way to reduce cravings and stick to your plan.

Advanced Food Diary
Once you get into the fall to keep a food diary, you may want to consider expanding the information you track. Along with food intake, monitoring of daily exercise is a good way to compare how much you eat to how many calories you burn. It is also useful to consider the number of calories and nutritional information of foods that you write. The development of a healthy diet has as much to do with what you eat and how much they consume. Once you have a good understanding of the amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates you are eating, it will be easier planning a balanced diet helps you lose weight and keep fit.

Online Food Diary
Another option for keeping a food diary is for keep track of everything online. There are many sites weight loss offer free registration and many choices of food offered daily for a free account. This is also a great way to keep track of what you eat all day if you are on the computer frequently.

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