Wheatgrass Powder Health Benefits

wheatgrass powder health benefits
Does anyone grow / take wheat grass here?

I am interested in growing a home kit, but I'm not looking forward to the dollar cost + 200 for one of the juicers propitious. Does anyone have any experience with it live. And if not. What's in capsule or powder? The same benefits?! I am buying this nutrition chlorophyll and want to eat more. Thanks for any advice / pointers. It just gets a little old spending $ 1.50 on a small injection everyday in the local smoothie shop / health when it seems so easy to make at home. Thanks. Edit boys for more information: I did some research and did not find a proper juicer for less than 200 USD. Does anyone have any recommendations or leads cheaper?

Hi, I have grown mine. I went to the exit of animals with local produce and brought 5 kg bag of wheat. I soaked 1 kg (2.2 pounds) of it in a bucket of water overnight. Put some good quality land in a good drainage tray, sprinkled wheat soaked in the top to cover the ground and voila! Within days the strike has its own wheat and wheat grass. Keep moist moist, but not. Battery operated cheaper to do it at home. You need a wheatgrass juicer though. Otherwise you can buy wheat grass powder or capsules. You have to weigh the costs of both.

How to plant wheatgrass and health benefits

Alkalize Or Die

alkalize or die
Is it true that if you keep yours bodies pH level (7.0 alkaline) you are immune to the disease?

I have read and heard about "Alkalize or Die "but I'm not 100% convinced. If true, would it not be announced around the world to use simple test strips once a week to determine alkaline, acid levels? If you are eating more alkaline foods acid, etc. .. I am currently doing this but I would like to know what others think? (Source: http://www.naturalhealthschool.com/acid-alkaline.html)

First, acid or alkaline foods will not change the pH of your entire body. His body to maintain a pH level, even regardless of what you eat. 7.0 is not a normal body pH. The normal pH of your body is 7.35-7.45. It is a very narrow range. When the pH drops to 7.0 is not really a healthy state of body tissues and is a condition known as acidosis (ie, acid). Organs stop functioning when the pH of your body is going crazy. A pH of 6.8 (which does not sound so bad to the average person) is not really compatible with life. Do not believe everything you read. If you have questions about "radical" statements like this, always consult your physician before adopting a new "extreme" of the regime.

Dr Robert Young, author of Alkalize or Die


Where to buy Xocai chocolate, BC Canada?

I'm trying to find someone who sells Xocai chocolate. Does anyone know how I can find a distributor?

better off with Belgian chocolates truly the world's best deal Wole leonidas

Xocai Healthy Chocolate – Fox 59 News

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