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free wheatgrass
Making healthy smoothies?

I would like to start making smoothies to have in the morning. I have a couple questions about this. First, I want to add healthy herbal or dietary ingrediants. I was thinking like ginseng or wheatgrass. Where do you get these sort of things? Do they generally sell them in the grocery store and do you have to go a health store? Does ginseng come in a powder form for this sort of thing?

My other question is, is it better to make a large pitcher of it to have over the next few days, or to make a single serving each morning? I would rather make a larger quantity of it because it would be easier that way, but I’m not sure how long the smoothies will stay good for.

If you have any other advice, feel free to share. Thanks!

Make single servings, that way they will have better texture and be nice and frosty.

For a healthy smoothie, focus more on the big ingredients than the little additives. An ice cream- canned fruit- sugar- ginseng smoothie is a lot less healthy than a plain yogurt- fresh fruit smoothie. Use fresh or unsweetened frozen fruit, unsweetened yogurt or unsweetened soy milk, and ice cubes, and you are off to a good start. I like:
Unsweetened active culture yogurt like Mountain High
Unsweetened vanilla soy milk
Frozen blueberries and strawberries
Orange juice (fresh, not from concentrate)
Bananas (fresh or frozen)
ice cubes

For additives- taste them before you dump them in and ruin your smoothie. Wheat grass and ginseng both have pretty strong flavors. Most people don’t like the taste of either, which is why they take wheat grass as shots and ginseng as pills.

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Workout Logging

workout logging
I don’t know why I seem so out of the ordinary?

School just ended for me and I’ve took a total turn and I am not sure what’s wrong?

I don’t feel like doing my school assignments, of which are easy
I want to sleep all the time, over 10hrs a day
I love doing laundry, but don’t even feel up to it, so I have no clean clothes to go out and have fun
I have no appetite for food
I’m letting my workout log go…

Can anyone give me advice please?

Don’t worry, your just feeling the relief of not having to do all those things all the time. It’s your mind and body rebooting. It will pass. But do make yourself eat. Not big meals, fruit and veggies are good. Cereal in the morning, some fruit for a snack, maybe a sandwich for lunch, then snack on some veggies, then for an evening meal some soup. Try not to get any junk food and have lots of water. Go for a walk in your neighborhood. Go outside at night and look at the stars. Soon enough you’ll feel fine and refreshed. How many stars do you see?

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