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Melody Water Ionizer

melody water ionizer

If you want Inonized instantly water then use a ring of Jupiter

The Jupiter Melody JP104 Water Ionizer is all what it takes for you to get energy, health, antioxidant, alkaline water at a moments notice. This model is equipped with innovative Biostone filter, which increases water is provided to you by increasing the moisture level and increasing its ability to preserve the negatively charged ions.

The success of this process is due to use from tourmaline and ceramic filtration process and the built in coral calcium. During the progression of the ionization process of tourmaline releases infrared energy to ensure that the level of water efficiency is higher. In addition, this procedure requires that all water that travels through the filter, including water not passing through the ionization process, is able to increase its speed of incorporation, hydration and energy transmission.

The melody Jupiter Water Ionizer has a wide range of positive attributes of all of which contribute to the recognition of competence that this water ionizer is low in the last minute area of water purification units. To add to that is not knowledge that is produced by Jupiter Science, which ensures that you have the safeguard negotiation with Korea length and the largest producer of renowned water ionizer.

An explanation of the features of the Jupiter Melody Ionizer Water:

Your ionizer has a built in automatic investing program clean. This ensures that any particles that may find its way to the end through the filter is not detected within the ionizing region. The magnetic field inside the chamber is inverted to ensure that the minerals that have become actively connected to a titanium plate are repulsed and expelled from the unit. This system helps extend the life of the ionizer and the melody of Jupiter only dispenses ionized alkaline water supplier. No waiting for water, even if your Jupiter Melody is in its cleaning phase.

It provides you with a selection of different pH levels for water and therefore have a greater number of options. This set of options for obtaining the benefits of using higher pH levels when cooking, since the high pH alkaline water helps to make the greens greener, rice fluffier and more flavorful coffee and tea. Acidic water availability ensures that you acidic water can benefit. May be helpful for your skin and your plants as well as a useful aid to hygiene of the home and more. Ionized water can also help with the digestion of large amounts of different supplements may reduce the amount of doses needed.

The process of 0.01 micron filtration uses the three stages, as well as infrared Biostone ensuring that the water is filtered of all contaminants and water is also prepared by the reduction pressure in the space provided for the maximum negative ion production during ionization. Coral Calcium is inserted into the water mechanically.

Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer also makes use of large-ion polymer 5 silver plate, platinum coated, titanium ionizing plates. Jupiter Science and Toyo Water of Japan worked together to give life to the best available platinum plates coated polymer bonded titanium are available. This dramatically improves the length of the plates, which are at the core of the structure of Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer.

The use of circuits computer built into your water ionizer means you have a much more extensive than the water you can have. Without the pH of the water circuits is limited by the pH of the water is coming to an ionizer and you can not correct the settings for optimal pH water. This circuit allows the hot water and protection of low pressure automatic profits as well.

There is an LCD screen that shows the use of the filter, while not a definitive indicator of filter life, is a useful indication of what the strength of your ionizer. The Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer has a 1 / 4 "inlet pipe that is visually more than 3 / 8 "tubing used by other water ionization units.

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