Alkaline And Acid Food List

alkaline and acid food list

Alkaline Vs Acid Diet – How to Acquire Optimum Health With the Correct Diet

As time goes by, the concern of having a balanced pH condition of our body has been significant to most people. However, for people who are not yet informed about the importance of having it, then it is the right time for them to learn about it and acquire optimum health. So as to achieve it, we must know alkaline vs acid diet.

Many people have already been thankful of the benefits they have gotten from the alkaline diet. They are now truly enjoying a more fulfilling life. You too, can have an enjoyable life which is free from stress and illnesses.

Alkaline vs acid diet is a key to having a healthy lifestyle. But, we must familiarize ourselves with the alkaline foods and acid foods. In addition, we should also understand the concept behind acid and alkaline foods before we ever learn how to make a list of what we should eat.

For sure, some of us are having misconception that citrus fruits such as lemons belong to acid foods. Well, in fact lemon is categorized under alkaline foods. Acid food does not mean that it is acidic in nature, what we mean by acid foods are those acid forming foods, wherein when digested, acid residues are produced rather than alkaline ash. Lemon is considered as alkaline forming food because it produces an alkaline ash that neutralizes acids inside our body.

In order to obtain optimum health, the alkaline to acid ratio must be 4:1. It is not difficult to figure out how to have this ratio, since it will be easy to see from our plates and categorize the food that we have under alkaline or acid forming foods.

Alkaline foods are mostly fresh vegetables and fruits while red meats, rice, pastries and dairy products belong to acid forming foods. There are few vegetables and fruits that belong to acid foods. Some alkaline rich fruits are banana, apples, pineapple, lemons and watermelon. Vegetables like asparagus, cabbage, lettuce, onion, cauliflower, spinach, turnips are some examples of alkaline foods. Processed foods are considered acid forming foods so they are not good to our body.

It is important that we observe our eating habit and follow the right amounts of alkaline and acid foods that we should take in. In doing so, our body will have a maintained pH balance which will help our body cells to function well and will free us from unwanted diseases which lead us to living a sedentary life.

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The Alkaline Diet

Wheatgrass Testimonials

wheatgrass testimonials

Here is an outsider (outside of US) view about the marketing war between Kangen water (Enagic) and Jupiter water (IonLife or Jupiter Science) in North America and some EU countries. I’ve never been to North America, but I had been observing the development of the Ionized Alkaline Water in those regions through the Internet. 

I’m from Malaysia, 6 years ago when I first got to know about Ionized Alkaline Water, I went online to search for more information about it but I could only find a few websites talking about it and my first impression is that ionized alkaline water was more known as Kangen water in the US. And I also found another brand called Jupiter which manufactured in Korea. Since Kangen machines are from Japan, I can say this is a “Ionizer War of Japan and Korea” and the war zone is United States. 

I could see that Kangen had a good start by choosing MLM as their marketing channel and Kangen members had done a great job in spreading the good news and educating the general public about the importance of balancing body pH through drinking ionized alkaline water. Although Jupiter is using the traditional distributor-dealer business model, but Jupiter also benefited from the awareness triggered by the Kangen’s MLM strategy. 

As more and more people are starting to look for ionizers, the marketing war between Enagic and Jupiter Science is getting intense and aggressive. Take a look at some of their websites, Kangen (It’s army of sales reps) is attacking and condemning Jupiter and vice versa. And both sides are coming out new models with different sub-brand to further confuse the consumers. Jupiter has its Microlite, Melody, Orion, Aquarius and Kangen has its SUN.US, Leveluk JR II, DX, DXII (sound like Terminator?).  This warfare is getting more interesting when I found out that of the top websearch result of “Kangen water” is instead a Jupiter’s website with the Title as “Kangen water”!!! Should I call this as “Strategy of Deception”?

As and outsider, I really do enjoy the show play. It is very entertaining to read how each party claims how superior their machines are over its opponent. Just like the movie Terminator, both sides have machines and no matter which side one machine is, it is still a… machine. Look! As long as it produces ionized alkaline water through the ionization or electrolysis process, it is still an… Ionizer! 

Yes! There are some differences between the components and design for the ionizers of both Kangen and Jupiter, but the fundamental of operation is the same. They still use electrolysis to separate the minerals in the water to produce alkaline water and acidic water. Both of them still use Titanium Platinum plates (which is the most important factor) as their electrolysis electrodes. Kangen has a variation of 3 Plates, 5 Plates, 7 Plates models and Jupiter has them too! 

In terms of machine and technology, both Kangen and Jupiter are more or less at par. But the big difference between Kangen Ionizer and Jupiter Ionizer is… The Price! Kangen’s models cost at least double the price of their Jupiter counterparts. I was shocked when I first came to know about the retail price of Kangen Ionizer which is $3,000 ++. For that amount of money, you can buy 3 units of the same quality ionizers (from the same manufacturer in Japan) here in Malaysia! Enagic must be making good money over there in the US. 

Then I came to know about the Kangen Water Business Opportunity and its MLM marketing plan. Now I realized why Kangen Ionizer cost so much! Well, the consumers are paying for their marketing system more than the machines. In MLM, the cost of the products must below 30% of the retail price and it’s the same for almost all products that sold under the MLM business model because it cost money to educate and motivate each level of agents or sales reps. And if I’m not mistaken, there are about 8 levels in Kangen’s marketing plan. 

I’m not saying Kangen has overpriced its products, because the marketing system is part of the product. Kangen deserves the credit because if not for the seminars and training given to the members a.k.a agents or reps, I don’t think the awareness of the benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water will be as what it is now in North America. It takes someone to ‘push’ the benefits of the Ionized Alkaline Water at the very beginning so that words of mouth will start to spread. If there’s no one or a little users installed the Kangen Ionizer and experience the benefits of it, there will be no testimonials and proofs to further promote this wonderful health technology. 

Now the market momentum has been built up and it is slowly becoming a trend. Soon, this will become a common household appliance in US like what it already is in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. The pioneering job of Kangen can said to have completed and it is time for them to revise their marketing plan or strategy to compete with Jupiter and some other new brands such as Tyent, KYK, GoldFox, etc. 

Kangen or Jupiter? The answer lies in the common sense. When you understand the whole picture of the competition, I belive you can make a better decision in choosing your alkaline water ionizer. It is no more a question of whether Kangen Water or Jupiter Water, it is a matter of Kangen Brand or Jupiter Brand.

Hemen Ee is the specialist of Ionized Alkaline Water, owner of with years of experience in dealing with Alkaline Water Ionizer in Asia, where this technology was first invented. He had discovered the untold truth about the water electrolysis technology. Find out the ugly facts of the Alkaline Water Ionizer Now!

Kai Maloney Wheatgrass Testimonial


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$ 31.95 per month for both. Normally there is a registration fee of $ 99 (first person) and $ 69 (second person). But if you tell them what I saw on your website, you can get the registration fee of $ 20 per person. A large part because there is no commitment long term.

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