Ph Diet

ph diet
How exactly I can get my pH level right down to 4.5? nothing to eat healthy foods, but healthy drink and drink?

I've heard to conceive una''niƱa''tengo to get my pH level right down, but how I can do that? should be made diet or something? that doctors know nothing about pH levels? And as I may be many more chances of conceiving a child when I became pregnant with a baby? Please, I need someone to explain this, does anyone know?

What a shower with vinegar?

pH Miracle Diet Sheds The Fat Fast

How To Make Wheatgrass

how to make wheatgrass
How I can make a facial powder wheat grass?

Hi, I just got a little wheat grass powder to drink daily. Since is super loaded with vitamins and minerals I would like to use on my skin. I tried to make a paste with water, but it was not consolidated and stay well. What can be mixed with the powder to stay on wheat grass and absorbed into my skin? Oil is used to block the takeover?

yes it would … try mixing with milk

Gardening Tips : How to Make Wheat Grass Grow Faster

Water Filtering

water filtering
looking for a complete line of water filtration sisterm for my house that is in the city?

irrigation sisterm i am after are the Carbone and dirt filter comtaments totake all I hope you can help with a sisterm they can do the job properly

You can install a mechanical filter, and if you want very pure water, add a reverse osmosis system in the drinking water line. You can find this line in the water filtration systems good luck

GE Merlin RO Water Filter System Overview

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