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Guide to Choosing an extractor

Firstly, the juicers on our website present www.juiceland.co.uk are selected on the basis of quality, ease of use and reliability and are all services in the UK by reputable manufacturers or their agents. We do not sell cheap electric juicers as we've tested have generally proven to be of poor quality, difficult to clean or very unreliable and tend to drop off the high street shops to sell. With models cheap engines and component parts are generally not as refined or well made as the more expensive juicers that can result in your exhaust making frequent trips to and from the warranty provider or end up in the recycle bin – these factors can often be sufficient to enable the user juice forever! We hope that the reasons have visited our website are for are either serious about nutrition or simply looking for a model more user friendly and reliable.

What is Juice?

Juicing is the separation of liquid (juice) of the fiber (often referred to as the pulp). The juicing process breaks cells releases the liquid products and a strainer as screen filters the juice into a bowl and the fibers are disposed in a separate container.

Why do we do this – why not eat the product?

Removing the fiber from fruits, vegetables and herbs that we can release nutrients A liquid core, which would otherwise take a long time to eat and chew. liquid juice is also much easier for the body to absorb and digest. As now encouraged to eat at least 5 different servings of fruits and vegetables per day – juice is an excellent way to get these nutrients to our body, especially avoid foods you never eat with your daily meals.

Apart from most of the salads, the vegetables are cooked before being consumed in Western diets, Unfortunately for cooking destroys some important vitamins, minerals and enzymes contained in them as these essential nutrients are volatile at temperatures above to 118 º F. Cooking also changes the atomic structure of the molecules – making it more difficult for the body to absorb and digest. Fruits and vegetables in your state Oil is often referred to as "raw foods and now there are a large number of people every day after a strict" raw food "style of life. natural resource use "raw foods in the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases has been successful where conventional modern medicine has failed.

raw juice should be consumed by everyone, but we strongly recommend that juice be taken in moderation and should come from different food groups. A good indication what nutrients are present in fruits and vegetables are clearly in the color of the product. Obviously, this is only a general guide, and anyone serious about of nutrition should read as much as possible about the subject – there are several books on nutrition and juice Books in our web site on these topics. Finally, should not drink juice considered as a substitute for eating fruits and vegetables, but should be viewed as an accompaniment to a good and varied diet.

Food Groups

Green Vegetables: Green juices cleanse the body of pollutants and have a rejuvenating effect. Made from a variety of green vegetables and herbs, green juices are rich in chlorophyll, which helps purify the blood, red blood cells, detoxify and heal the body, and provide power at one time. juice Green can be made with alfalfa sprouts, cabbage, kale, dandelion greens, spinach, parsley, watercress and other green vegetables and any herbs like wheat grass. These juices can taste very strong and you may have to sweeten or dilute them, try adding fresh carrot and / or apple juice or simply diluted with filtered water. Although green juices have great health benefits, should be consumed in moderation. Try to drink 8 to 10 fluid ounces (250-300ml) per day.

Other Vegetables: Vegetables are restorers and builders. They stimulate the immune system, remove acid wastes, and balance the metabolism. Also assistance in controlling obesity by removing excess body fat. Among the most healthy and delicious vegetable juices are beet, cabbage, carrot, celery, cucumber, turnip. Carrot juice is probably the most popular of the juices and is packed with beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A that helps fight cancer. The carrots are the sweetest of vegetables and their juice is not only delicious by itself, but is ideal for mixing with other vegetables to increase their attractiveness. On the other hand, strongly flavored vegetables such as broccoli, white cabbage, celery, onion, parsley, kohlrabi and turnips, for example – should be used only in small quantities. Garlic is also a great addition to vegetable drinks in small quantities. For the greatest health benefits, use many different vegetables to make juices. In this way, you give your body a variety of important nutrients.

Fruits: fruit juices help to cleanse and nourish the body with important nutrients, as cancer-fighting antioxidants. Although any fruit can be used, certain juices are particularly healthy and delicious in comparison with others. A cleansing juice favorite is the watermelon – to make this refreshing drink, place the watermelon rind in blender. Other delicious juices can be made with apples, berries, citrus fruits, kiwi, melon, pear or almost any fruit you want. You can enjoy fruit juices at any time of day and 10 to 12 ounces liquid (300-350ml) per day is recommended.

Once again we can not stress enough that it should change its juice to the fruits of all these groups food – try mixing these groups to reach their own wonderful cocktails.

Juicer Types

The following explains different types of pumps and their advantages and disadvantages.

Centrifugal Juicers (high speed)

These type of juicers work by using centrifugal force to extract the juice. Fruits and vegetables are driven by a feeding tube to a sheet of flat screen that turns to anything up to 12,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). The speed of the grater effectively destroys the product, as the plays and the centrifugal force created under the knife sucks the liquid through tiny holes in the filter basket. Juice is dispensed in a container and fiber is discarded.

Pulp Ejection Systems: Some pumps use a system of removal of pulp in the pulp was launched up and discarded in a separate container, so you can continue juice a large amount before having to empty the trash. These models include L'Equip 110.5 Juicer L'Equip XL Juicer blender and WJX50 Waring.

Systems Internal storage machines Others have an internal collection basket to collect the pulp, this limits the amount of juice that can be produced at a couple of drinks before the basket has to be emptied. These models include the Magimix Le Duo XL juicer and blender Waring PJC44. These fans seem to produce better performance than conventional ejectors sligtly pulp and usually operate at low speeds around 3000 RPM.

Whole Fruit Centrifugal Juicers: These machines have a tube wide mouth feeding, which generally can fit into a whole apple, without hitting it first. Obviously, the benefit of not having to cut the product before giving through the machine is attractive to everyone, but due to open wide, some produce may miss the road, without the juice. We have hand picked a set squeezers few fruits that we think offer better results the street and do this with the engines are much more reliable – these include L'Equip juicer XL, Magimix Le Duo XL juicer. We also sell title = "Breville JE4 juicer"> Breville JE4 juicer is now the fruit juicer all the best Home.

Advantages: These fans are generally very easy to use, fast to produce juice and juice quality is good. They are a good entry level option for blender to start if you're not sure it will juice in a regular basis. in general, can produce between 1-2 liters of juice per minute.

Disadvantages: These whip juicers high velocity oxygen thus oxidizing the juice, it accelerates the deterioration of the appearance juice and reduce its life. Juice produced from these types of extractors to drink immediately – can not be stored successfully. This process of extraction of juice is not is so effectively when leaf juice and therefore are not recommended for juicing wheatgrass and other leafy greens like spinach on a regular basis. Plant green leaf can be powered by screwing up into a ball and feeding through between firmer produce but the product performance is not as good as that produced with a low speed juicer. In addition, the pulp will be wetter compared to the slow speed juicers indicating that both juice is extracted. It can also be a bit noisy due to the operation of the blade and the motor at high speed.

Mastication Juicers (low speed)

This type of extraction used a process of slow extraction rate of 70 RPM to 160 RPM (depending on the juicer) to prevent oxygen affecting the juice. There are different types of chewing extractors using different extraction methods. All electric juicers chew with the exception the Angel Juicer, can also produce smoothies, purees, sauces, sorbets, ice cream and more using the included homogenization screen.

Single Auger Juicers: These machines, all kinds of products can be a successful juice wheatgrass. The product has to be cut and then fed through the feed tube to a large slow turning screw known as a drill. The drill crushes and forces the product through the filter separating the juice from the fiber. If you have ever used a meat grinder, then you more or less seen this type of juicer works. Juicers in this category are slightly more expensive than the centrifugal type, but include increased functionality in high-speed machines. The models include manual
Z-Star Juicer and the Compact 10 in 1 power blender, juicer Omni L'Equipe, the Samson 6 in a blender and Oscar VitalMax extractor. single auger juicers produce performance juice slightly better high-speed machinery and also whisper quiet.

Advantages: Excellent quality juice as it has not affected by oxygen. This allows most of the juices that are stored for up to 48 hours in a refrigerator with a minimum loss of appearance or nutrition. Come with additional accessories for the manufacture of noodles and pasta and mix a separate screen to make smoothies, purees, sauces, peanut butter truffles and uniform. Juice can be done in groups and stored in an airtight container and taken the work or school – are not only linked to drinking juice when you're home. Juice can also be frozen with minimal loss of nutrients, so it's a good way to use all the products that are normally discarded. Due to the design of the feeding chamber, feed these juices almost self and little effort is required on the behalf of users to boost production through of. Suitable for those with little hand strength if you suffer from arthritis.

Disadvantages: It's a slower process compared to a centrifugal juicer, the difference is obvious in the RPM (average of 100 rpm compared to 10,000 RPM). In addition, the product should be chopped small enough to fit food small parachute. Unfortunately, the slower is the price we must pay to get the best quality juice. To get an idea of how long making process, which takes 5 minutes to produce 1 liter of juice.

The Champion juicer, the juicer has original chewing been around for over 50 years. The title = "Champion Juicer"> champion juicer uses a cutter that has small teeth along what strips and chew products. Operates at 1,500 RPM is between a high speed and low speed juicer. This is a commercial quality juicer is in the bars and restaurants around the country. This is one of our best selling exhaust due to the fact that it is monstrously well built and will probably last a lifetime.

Advantages: Especially good for chewing through more products like carrots and apples. Includes an additional screen to smoothies, purees, sauces, peanut butter and even truffles. An optional display for juicing soft fruits can be purchased from us separately and there is an option grain mill to grind their own flour and grinding coffee. This is a very robust machine. Trade capacity means you can run for more than
other models nationals without giving a break. It also has a feeding tube of 45 mm which is the largest professional range and is facing problems such as Cox apples produce better than others.

Disadvantages: Leafy greens have to pass through small amounts more products. higher volumes When fibrous vegetable juice and green, there can be a slight increase in temperature of the juice from friction. Cooling produce before use does alleviate this. However, always happy for any vegetable juice with a lot of carrot and apple, this should never happen. The champion is not suitable for juicing wheat grass at that currently provide manual juicer Lexen free to congratulate the champion. In addition, due to the extraction of a certain amount of force necessary to push the production through the drill it would be difficult for those with little hand strength if you suffer from arthritis.

Juicers Twin Gear: We believe that these are the most efficient exhaust out there. Using two stainless steel rollers in a cylindrical sit side by side. The product is developed slowly through a tiny gap in the rollers and pulverized by the sharp teeth. This process breaks down the product more than any another and, in turn produces the best quality juice and the highest yield of all the fans that we sell. We always recommend these first if your budget squeezers permits. Different models have their own unique selling points, but they all produce exceptional results. The models include the title = "Green Star Juicer"> Green Star juicer, green power juicer and all stainless steel juicer Angel.

Advantages: The best quality juice to be achieve and has a shelf life of 48 hours. Although this type of exhaust cost significantly more than the others, the savings due to the gain in yield and nutritional value pay for itself in the long term. They have separated the filter screens for juicing different types of products and build quality is excellent. Excellent in all green leafy vegetables and wheat grass.

Disadvantages: Depending on the machine, these are the slowest of the juicers. In addition, due to the extraction of a certain amount of force necessary to push the production through the gears so it can be difficult for those with very little hand strength or arthritis.

All types of extractors struggle with soft fruits such as oranges, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, when compared more fruits and vegetables, pasta is much more sticky which can cause blockages in the filter. Also, the performance of the softer fruit is not as good as it difficult to extract. The following juicers have a separate screen that can be included or purchased separately for juicing soft fruits – Champion blender, juicer Kempo Green Power and Green Star juicer, but in all honesty they will never achieve great results with red fruits with any machine.

Juicers citrus

These machines are dedicated to juicing oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes and pomegranate yet. They are easier to use and produce better results than when using a conventional extractors above. conventional juicers required to peel the first fruits as the skin is horrible bitter taste, while a dedicated citrus juicer only requires you to cut the fruit in half and place on the reaming cone for juicing. No updates Strawberry engine antique glass found in most peoples kitchens, these are the easiest to use and the development of adequate juice bits! These include the Penguin reasonably priced blender and juicer commercial beautiful Remida for the serious fan DO. Moreover, there is a manual mechanical reamer requires the user to pull down a lever which juices the half orange.

About the Author

Juiceland is a family run business which exists to promote a healthy lifestyle through carefully selected products. They believe in selecting great products with high reliability and here you can buy all types of juicers, wheatgrass juicers, centrifugal juicers.

Lexen Healthy Juicer – Wheatgrass juice (búzafűlé)

Organic Wheatgrass Powder

organic wheatgrass powder

Thinking Organic wheat grass organic wheat grass is really better?

Organic Wheatgrass – is different from organic wheat grass? Some manufacturers would have you believe that, but here's the real story. Organic wheat grass has many real and tangible benefits.

What Where does your Wheatgrass comes?

First, the most crucial CARE imports that are not detectable. These vendors are identified easily when there are real people respond to you, or real addresses. Over 75% of sellers of supplements can not be contacted by phone and often hide behind PO boxes at sea without a face.

You must ask why? Maybe Wheatgrass.ie difference is because there is no guarantee the food chain of primary production inputs, to the point of supply to you the final consumer can be given.

Chemicals and pesticides Free

First, organic wheat grass is grown without chemical fertilizers. These fertilizers, often derived from petroleum and waste products often have a terrible imbalance of essential nutrients. While that plants can grow with these tickets, also exhibit the same nutrient imbalance.

Organic wheat grass grown in soil has a full natural complement of nutrients. Organic wheat grass is complete, because the land is cultivated in complete.

Another important difference with organic wheat grass is the absence of pesticides. Let's be frank, pesticides are poisons. Its sole purpose is to kill. These pesticides do not disappear by magic Magic once their work is done. Not only are on the ground, but also absorbed by the plant.

No organic food may be tainted with any number of powerful chemical agents – many of which still remain after processing. If wheat grass nonorganic consumed is freshly squeezed, the problem is even greater. Pesticides to be an integral part of the juice.

Plastic Cristal vs

However, here is another factor that many people do not even consider, even if you're buying organic wheatgrass true – the container!

Many wheat grass products (including organic and non organic wheatgrass) are packaged in plastic bottles or bags. The problem here is that the plastic slowly releases a series of chemicals (called "gas-off"), which finds its way into any product food being stored.

To ensure that your organic wheat grass remains unchanged, you should always look for wheat grass in containers nitrogen washout glass.

The advantages here are:

  • Glass is inert and produces no harmful "to gas-off "
  • Nitrogen gas (including inert) displaces oxygen in the packaging process – keep your fresh organic wheatgrass and healthy – From the producer until
  • Glass can be easily recycled and reused and does not damage the ecosystem if buried in the ground.

Organic Wheatgrass – The Healthy Choice

About the Author

Nancy Marsh in was born in London.He studied in Chambridge university and doing research on the only wheatgrass that combines the roots and the blades for higher nutrients,for more information on organic wheatgrass, Wheat Grass tablets, and organic foods please visit http://wheatgrass.ie/

Organic Wheatgrass Powder – 3 Benefits: Energy + more

Chlorine Water Filter

chlorine water filter

Chlorine Water Filter – Is that all you need?

You know you need a water filter chlorine, because you can taste and smell. But, if an installation the use of chloramines disinfection (or any other method of disinfection), other chemicals in tap water that you can not see, smell or taste. In addition, public disinfection methods are quite effective, but some microbes that are resistant to them. Therefore, this is what really should be looking.

When chemicals or other measures taken to eliminate bacteria such as e.coli, commonly referred to as THM products are formed. Researchers have been concerned about our exposure to these chemicals for a long time. Just recently we learned that the amount they are normally exposed in our home greatly increases our risk of cancer.

If you need a water filter chlorine, also need to remove THMs. The department store Variety (PUR and Brita examples) do not remove THMs. Public facilities have a maximum contaminant level or (MCL) to be trying to maintain. However, MCL were created a long time ago … long before the studies were conducted comparing the number of cases of cancer among persons with tap water treated with chlorine for the number of cases among people with private wells, which does not require chlorination.

When we look at the studies, to see the results reported by different research groups different. What is the THM exposure increase the risk of cancer? Anywhere from 40 to 200% are the results of various studies.

Water average filter chlorine containing carbon granules which trap the chemical through a process called adsorption. special resin is required to THMs trap and most companies do not include them in their commodities.

Here's another question for you to think. THM exposure is in the shower a threat?

Regulatory agencies still maintain that the use of them, drinking is the only threat and that current levels in the supply of most public treaties are safe. Research scientists disagree. We have measured the amount of chemicals that circulate in the bloodstream after drink a liter of tap water without filtering, and after a 15-minute shower. Levels were higher after the shower.

You see, they become the air and inhaled. Also absorbed through the skin. Therefore, not only requires a THM and chlorine water filter for the kitchen faucet, you need one for the shower as well.

The microbes that are resistant to disinfection methods public known as cysts. They may be present in any supply at any time but are not particularly high levels during the warmer months of the year. Actually, that's true of all bacteria.

For a cleaner home to remove cysts, should be filtered to one micron. The only risk is through consumption, but that cause water-borne disease similar to intoxication food. Thus, at least not have to worry about them in the shower.

There are other things you should consider when buying a water filter chlorine, but now, at least you know the basics. Visit my website for more important information.

About the Author

Lauren Leddy is a consumer advocate and a dedicated researcher of health related issues. Visit her website now at http://www.safe-water-purifier.com and get free information on how to protect yourself from water contaminated with carcinogens, traces of drugs, hormones, parasites and other toxins.

Chlorine Dangers – Best Shower Water Filter

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