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food and exercise journal
Exceed a weight plateau?

I'm 5'3 and have been dieting for 5 weeks on a diet of 800 calories. I keep a food diary and exercise 3 hours a week, and have lost 20 pounds so far. My diet consists of 65% carbohydrate, 15% protein and 25% fat. I have not made any changes to my diet, except maybe drinking more water since I am more active, but I peaked at 150. For my height, I have to @ 115-130. How I can get past this plateau? I have researched this is a good diet for people who are obese, that was me. It is a short within 3 months of diet I'm on 1 to 1.5 months, and have seen great results so far without being hungry. I can eat tons of salads, whole grains, a little pasta in things like Lean Cuisine, vegetable pies, etc to consider an induction phase

First 800 calories a day is almost nothing. That's like four small containers of yogurt. Your diet breakdown carbohydrates and protein and fat is very unhealthy. I'm sure you've heard recently somewhere on the feeding patterns can help you lose more and truth. Several well-balanced small meals (4-5) in the course of a day is better for you because you burn calories and fat and fuel your body more efficient. (Vegetables, fruits, lean proteins like chicken and fish, grains and cereals.) There is no "height must be a certain weight." If this is the IMC forget. That is a very poor estimate of what people should weigh, and that does not have a person's muscles mass or bone structure into account. It's all grease the body that can be measured in the doctor's office. Please, so you'll have an idea of ​​where it is normal for you and your body. You can overcome a plateau of weight by increasing their indurance (+ faster), but you will need fuel to do that.

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Alkaline Ash Foods

alkaline ash foods
How can alkaline ash foods help with my diet and health in general?

I recently started a new exercise and training program to lose weight and feel energized. I feel good when it works, however, the day I still feel very tired, exhausted, and no different than before of my exercise program. A friend suggested ash diet alkaline foods, is there any truth behind his suggestion, and what types of foods are recommended for this diet? Moreover, what really affect my health in general?

For a new and healthier than a diet of alkaline ash foods will definitely help. Food alkaline ash have many health benefits when switching to this type of diet. Ashes are alkaline foods known to promote healthy body, including the intestinal tract. Alkaline ash foods are rich in many nutrients, including sodium, iron, calcium and potassium. Most alkaline ash food consists of fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes cucumbers and grapefruit are especially beneficial to the alkaline diet. In addition, avocados and lemons are other good options if you stick to this diet. Milk and dairy products like milk and ice cream should be avoided by following this diet. It is better to switch to soy products. When ingested soy also has benefits alkaline and can be a healthy alternative. If we stick to the diet of alkaline ash will be surprised how you feel and see an improvement in their overall mental and physical health. See the list of foods here:

ash diet

Wheatgrass Enema

wheatgrass enema
"I can do vegetable juice and the juice enema? They do wheat grass health centers ..?

Welfare centers, which tend to make 4 fl. ounces of wheat grass juice orally and up to 8 fl. ounces through an enema. There is a reason. Do a little research on wheatgrass and mold. What you will find is that the mold is a big problem for producers of wheat grass in trays in particular, greenhouses and in any media (including air free) that is too hot. Here is a little more information for you to read: cast # Get the wheat grass juice clean! If the wheat grass mold, the consumption of a combination of 12 fl. ounces can make you very sick. It need not affect this when administered through an enema and I think this is why we are given this way. Since vegetables do not have a mold problem, replicate this process seems quite enema unnecessary, but who knows for sure whether this can provide some benefit. It would be better served with just drinking these juices by mouth. You can do this by looking for good wheat grass juice clean (do a great juice) and adding the juice of good vegetables. Indeed, one of the little secrets drinking these juices is to keep them in the mouth and chewing simulation (including juice). This allows sublingual absorption through the blood vessels below the language and nutrients can be introduced directly into the bloodstream in this way. I think this will help you get what you want much easier.

Wheatgrass, enemas, and colonics. Oh My!

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