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Acid Alkaline Food List

acid alkaline food list
Acid Alkaline Food List?

Is there a list of acid alkaline foods? Question: I have been told that I will feel better (more energy, clearer thinking) if they eat foods based on their pH level. Is there such thing as a list of acid and alkaline foods?

Yes, there is a list of alkaline acid foods. Most of us are accustomed to traditional lists that break down food in general categories. We have taught to plan meals according to how many parts it is assumed that in each category. Select as many servings of dairy products category or parts so many more fruits and so on. However, these lists do not tell us anything about the acidity or alkalinity of foods we eat. Many nutritionists and health professionals have begun to see the level of pH in the blood and tissues of the body as significant indicators of our overall health. Some even suspect that there a relationship between pH levels and heart attacks and cancer. These professionals have developed the list so that people can make informed decisions about food they eat. While most of us think of an acid as it eats something else, a quick review of a list of foods and the acid-alkaline sample most of our diet is acidic.

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