Kamut Wheatgrass

kamut wheatgrass

KAMUT Bread making @ Bakery. Is it Healthier than Wheat? ——————-

Super Greens

super greens
? Can anyone recommend the best super green food for a diabetic with high cholesterol and HIV?

I am a person who is doing Health nutrition transition to help my health problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, and HIV has been recommended that I use "perfect food Super Green dietary supplement for overall health, however, the person who recommended it to me was knowledge of diabetes, high cholesterol was wondering if anyone could recommend the best product for someone with health problems said thank you very much

When this new green tomato sauce (ketchup?) Came out, I had to try, just to see. Tested as the regulars. Ate a ton of tater tots during testing. Ending with a completely totally green turd the next day. So I say it is super green.

Super Greens 1st Shake Tired of being tired?Feel better!

Living Water

living water
Relate the structure of water to living things?

Hi guys, my biology teacher gave me this question. But I'm not sure what the answer is correctly so as to help if you know. The question is: "Relate the structure of water to living organisms" Thanks!

Hey, I'm asking this question as well. its very much more than the hydrogen bond structure has meaning that is more dense at 4 degreasing. This means the ice insulates the water below, hence keeping the organisms that live in warmer water so they can survive the winter. Cheers Ben =]

Kees Kraayenoord – Living water

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