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Microlite Ionizer

microlite ionizer

Jupiter MicroLite JP107 Water Ionizer Installation Part 1

Alkaline Drinking Water

alkaline drinking water

Ionized Alkaline Water: Foundation for pH balance

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The only thing essential to the human body after oxygen is water. Water is the most important nutrient for sustaining human life. 75% of our body is water. Water performs three basic functions in our body, one is to bring different nutrients to cells, second is to bring back the cells and toxins from the water under the bridge, helps regulate body temperature by hydration. However, we live in a time when even drinking water is dangerous. There are so many chemicals in our drinking water that are not yet aware. As Therefore, it is always advisable to drink alkaline water.

The foundation of pH Balance is a nutrition and ionized water alkaline water. Because 75% of body weight is water, it is important to consider what kind of water is more beneficial. Ionized alkaline water can be very beneficial for the human body. Drink plenty of alkaline ionized water or diary is one of the wisest steps you can take to maintain good health. Alkaline, ionized water acts as an antioxidant powerful and natural.

Alkaline water first noticed in Japan. Alkaline water was initially used in agriculture in plants and animals. Finally, experiments were performed by medical professionals in the human body and when these experiments concluded, Japanese doctors concluded that the water ionic structured alkaline water is healthy for the human body, and to alleviate many symptoms of adult diseases.

The alkaline water with a alkaline diet is the call of today's health experts. Proper hydration through alkaline water plays a fundamental role in maintaining health. health and energy vibrant starts with good pH balance achieved by drinking ionized alkaline water. When starting any plan to get your pH back to a state of balance, remember this – it all begins with the consumption of water of good quality! Your body contains 75% (or more) of water. The more alkaline water you drink, see results fast.

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Pur, Clean, and Alkaline Drinking Water

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