Cancer Cure

cancer cure
Cure cancer ….?

I do not believe in giving money to any cancer research even though I've had about 3 family members die. There is already a cure for cancer are found in Africa, which is highly illegal in the United States. To make the herb into a tea and then drink once a day for cancer one week and disappears. Why is it fair that countries outlining get to have a cure for cancer that is natural and does not kill the immune system by injection of venom into the body (chemotherapy), but the big fish of all companies pharmicutial can see peoples family memebers and others die and do nothing. A cure for cancer has been found, but kept very secret, because people would not pay the kind of money companies unnessary. My aunt, who died at age 50 I had bone cancer that put a lot of pain could have lived 30, 40, even 50 years. Does this make me a bad person, as some people think? What are your thoughts on the subject?

There will not be a cure for cancer due to the fact that there is so much money was taken from cancer. If we cure that would take the cash cow. I agree with you the whole way.

Baking Soda Cancer Cure?

Alkaline Foods For Arthritis

alkaline foods for arthritis
Is this an acid or alkaline foods?

A friend just told me that her rheumatologist told the apricots are the worst for arthritis, and Food is an acid … Is this true? I always thought they were alkaline. Who is right and who is wrong ?!?!?

Apricots are alkaline foods

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Fitness Journals

fitness journals
A blog has been a fitness or magazine is hiring a writer?

I'm thinking of becoming a freelance writer. I know a lot about fitness and I was wondering if there was a newspaper or magazine online to hire a freelance writer after a few trials of the sample?

The mantra for success in the independent world is to market their skills. 1. First, create a portfolio of articles in their areas of expertise and interest. 2. Use Google and other search engines to find the email IDs of online journals and online versions of print magazines. 3. Then go to your local library and get the email ID of magazines and newspapers. 4. Send mail to the editors of newspapers and journals, expressing their interest to want to contribute articles for their publications. Attach to e-mail in one or more of their best writing samples. If the editors and their writing, which will communicate with you. Two useful resources for independent work are: 1. Nine tips for finding freelance work 2. Original six independent home The work explores the best wishes!

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