Food High In Alkaline

food high in alkaline
what foods can increase the alkalinity me.?

I am a mother of a pretty girl and my next baby, I wish you were a child. I read an article that to have a greater chance of conceiving a baby, a woman should check your pH levels of acidity and alkalinity. Women wishing to conceive a child must be more alkaline within 5 days of fertility. Can you give me a list of the best food (not supplements) that may increase my alkalinity. Thanks beforehand.

Banana has a lot of potassium. What are the alkanity incrase and will not hurt too. To the best Dr. Mangesh


Cancer Cure

cancer cure
Cure cancer ….?

I do not believe in giving money to any cancer research even though I've had about 3 family members die. There is already a cure for cancer are found in Africa, which is highly illegal in the United States. To make the herb into a tea and then drink once a day for cancer one week and disappears. Why is it fair that countries outlining get to have a cure for cancer that is natural and does not kill the immune system by injection of venom into the body (chemotherapy), but the big fish of all companies pharmicutial can see peoples family memebers and others die and do nothing. A cure for cancer has been found, but kept very secret, because people would not pay the kind of money companies unnessary. My aunt, who died at age 50 I had bone cancer that put a lot of pain could have lived 30, 40, even 50 years. Does this make me a bad person, as some people think? What are your thoughts on the subject?

There will not be a cure for cancer due to the fact that there is so much money was taken from cancer. If we cure that would take the cash cow. I agree with you the whole way.

Baking Soda Cancer Cure?



Florida Cancer Specialists

Cancer is a disease that nobody wants to be diagnosed. Many people are afraid to be screened for cancer because they are afraid of having cancer. However, when the disease was detected in the early stages is often treatable. When the disease is not detected until the later stages of disease is often not treatable. Therefore, people should be checked regularly for cancer.

Specialists cancer provides high quality care if you want to improve the chances of a full recovery. This means that patients should receive advanced treatment and support professionals with the highest quality trained.

Some hospitals offer better care than just others, but they are better for mixing or check out the details and views of patients, the degree of doctors, facilities and technology in the cancer hospital. cancer Treatments can be very enveloping. You can use the patient down and make life seem almost unbearable, and this may continue for years without any respite. Some people who are suffering from cancer have to do anything to get relief from this and enjoy a happy and healthy again. It may seem very easy to give when you have cancer, but there are other options you can choose to help in their fight against cancer.

Using his experience in reading X-ray, ultrasound and imaging technology, Dr. Grubbs (Sarasota Interventional Radiology Clinic) is able to guide small instruments such as catheters – Tubes that measure just a few millimeters in diameter – through the blood vessels and veins to treat disease percutaneously (through the skin) in a much less invasive and much less expensive than traditional surgery.

Cancer is a disease that kills the cells. Cells damaged and abnormal in the person who has cancer. When cells are sick they are supposed to die and new healthy ones they are supposed to develop. Abnormal cells do not die when a person has this disease instead of the abnormal cells reproduce. The abnormal cells eventually form a tumor. Specialists are doctors who have completed eight years of training and three to seven years' practice in a specific area of medicine. After practice that the doctor can make a exam to become a certified specialist.

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Interventional radiologist Dr. Grubbs (Sarasota Interventional Radiology Clinic) uses sophisticated, state-of-the-art X-ray and other imaging devices to guide tiny catheters and other small instruments through the body to diagnose and treat sickness without surgery. Dr. Grubbs and others have advanced procedures that once required more invasive surgery. More Info Visit

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