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It is machine company Enagic and Kangen Water is a scam?

Has anyone heard of this company before Enagic Usa. Inc. is a company real. The model machine I have now is a Leveluk SD501 Kangen water. Fantasy title, is the real deal. And it's really important Kangen water or nothing or is Kangen Water, the Company and the machine some scam or a fad. please tell me. especially want to know if this company is legit and not a night march by operation. Any information on them would be helpful. Moreover, the material of the machine is just extra. If you can answer that, to be useful too.

Enagic sells water treatment technology in over 20 countries. The Leveluk is a quality product sold at a higher price. However, for the money you spend you get a company behind the functionality and performance of your product with the home warranty and repair services at its U.S. headquarters in Torrance, CA. Although you can find health-care professionals who advocate the benefits of Kangen Alkaline, there is a growing body of research showing the benefits of drinking alkaline water to support a slightly alkaline in the body. Alkaline has also been shown to be an effective agent and catalyst for the absorption of nutrients, but scientific studies in England, Japan, Switzerland and the United States go-far beyond that in linking well with the consumption of alkaline water: Institutes National Institutes of Health in his bibliography PubMed lists dozens of peer-reviewed studies of alkaline water uses and benefits.

Enagic Company Profile And History – LeveLuk SD501 Ionizer Kangen Water

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